Behavior Analysis & Support Services

  • When student behavior adversely interferes with academic or vocational progress, a board-certified behavior analyst may assess environmental variables that contribute to those behaviors. In collaboration with students’ IEP teams and parents, those environmental variables are targeted for change.  Treatments are drawn from principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and documented in the positive behavior support plan of the IEP. 

    The focus of a behavior support plan is to identify:

    1. Ways to prevent target behaviors
    2. Methods to teach and reinforce replacement behaviors
    3. Safe ways to manage students’ target behaviors.

    Behavior support specialists work across all programs and are part of an overall interdisciplinary team. They are highly trained in crisis management through a vetted training program. In addition, they help create a positive, inclusive school culture.

    If students demonstrate unsafe behaviors toward themselves, peers or staff, our staff members use least restrictive interventions to maintain safety (e.g., prompts to safe behaviors, redirection, etc.). If these measures prove unsuccessful, physical management or use of a safe, protective room may be temporarily needed to ensure safety. Parents and legal guardians are immediately notified in these situations.  These procedures are not used as a punishment, but rather only to maintain safety for students and staff.