Speech-Language Intensive Classrooms

  • The speech-language intensive (SLI) classrooms serve students with complex communication needs that significantly impact their ability to be effective communicators. The classrooms utilize a collaborative model between the classroom teacher and the speech-language pathologist (SLP). SLI classrooms are language-rich environments that offer a combination of 1:1 and small group instruction designed to support the intense language needs of the students.

    An SLI classroom is self-contained with a certified special-education classroom teacher, a classroom aide, and an assigned SLP. The classroom teacher and SLP collaborate to generalize student skills, provide appropriate visual supports, and develop student independence. The SLP is in the classroom for daily push-in support during various classroom periods (e.g., reading, daily living skills, facilitated play, etc.) to encourage carry-over and generalize of student goals.


    Other characteristics of the SLI program include:

    • Station-based learning incorporated throughout the day
    • Highly structured and repetitive routines
    • Small group instruction to promote independence
    • Teacher/speech-language pathologist consultation to support student communication, speech-language skills and expectations/transitions
    • Student specific incentives/behavioral supports (e.g., first/then cards, token boards, “working for…” cards, etc.)


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