Speech-Language Intensive Classrooms

  • Speech-Language Intensive Classrooms

    The Vanguard School offers speech-language intensive classrooms designed to serve children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and other speech-sound disorders. This academic program focuses on the development and integration of speech and language skills and academic success. A speech-language pathologist provides intensive speech and language therapy individually, in small groups and in the classroom setting. A special education teacher and a teaching assistant work collaboratively with the speech-language pathologist to create a therapeutic environment designed to address the unique learning profile of each child.

    CAS classrooms use a multi-sensory approach in treatment, such as visual prompts and touch cues, to strengthen abilities. The principles of motor learning are incorporated in the program, distributing practices across activities, settings and situations.


    Classroom Concepts

    Classroom Concepts

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Speech-Language Pathologist and Student
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