Transition Plan

  • To effectively and beneficially prepare students for success in life, The Vanguard School assesses and seeks to understand each individual student’s interests, inclinations and needs. Beginning no later than 14 years of age, transition planning prepares students for life in post-secondary education or training, employment and independent- and community-living situations. It allows students to recognize fully their value as contributing members of the community.

    Transition planning is an on-going process that charts an individual student’s needs and aptitudes. Age-appropriate transition assessments determine measurable post-school goals and supplement academic performance information on each student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). Methods of attaining data can include parent and student interviews and surveys, academic achievements and test scores, vocational training or employment experiences, observation checklists and assessing independent-living and communication skills as well as physical abilities and limitations.

    Students have the opportunity learn about and explore various careers and post-secondary academic options through myriad real-world occupation and training activities and programs starting no later than middle school. During high school, transition services become more individualized and are strengthened through continued academic instruction and increased community experiences.

    Transition planning is optimally effective through a person-centered, collaborative approach. A partnership between the student and the IEP team is integral to recognizing each student’s abilities, interests and needs and identifying supports and approaches to ensure future success.

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