The Admissions Process

  • The Vanguard School has a rolling admissions policy, meaning referrals are accepted throughout the year, and students are enrolled as space is available.

    The admissions process at The Vanguard School is generally initiated by the student's school district. An IEP Team meeting, involving both parents/legal guardians and the school district, may be held. If it is decided that the student needs the intensity and frequency of services provided by an Approved Private School, such as The Vanguard School, the School District will send a letter and a referral packet to The Vanguard School Admissions Department requesting consideration for placement. The referral packet must include the student’s current ER/RR and IEP. Families may apply privately if they are willing to assume the full cost of tuition for their child. Privately paying families follow the same referral process as the school district. If a student is accepted for admission to The Vanguard School and the school district has not referred the student to The Vanguard School, the district is not obligated to pay the tuition.

    What Happens Next?

    1. The Admissions Supervisor or his/her designee reviews all incoming referral packets. A decision is then made regarding the possible appropriateness of The Vanguard School as an educational placement for the student under consideration. Occasionally, the reviewer may request additional information either in report form or verbally from a parent(s) or from a teacher or therapist who has worked with the student.

    2. If it is determined that The Vanguard School is not an appropriate placement for a student, the school district receives a letter from the Admissions Supervisor stating why the decision not to screen was made. The district will then notify the parent(s) of The Vanguard School’s decision.

    3. If it appears that The Vanguard School may be an appropriate placement, a Pre-Enrollment Assessment is scheduled with the child and parents. When a Pre-Enrollment screening is scheduled, the family and the school district receive written confirmation of the appointment time and location. During the Pre-Enrollment screening the student meets with one of the school’s psychologists while the parent(s) meet with the Program Supervisor of the appropriate school program.

    4. Following the Pre-Enrollment screening, the evaluating team decides three things if:
      • Is The Vanguard School’s educational program is appropriate for the student’s specific educational needs.

    The school district and the family are notified of the team’s decision in writing as soon as possible after the Pre-Enrollment screening. On occasion, the evaluating team may request permission to observe a student in his/her current school placement or they may suggest that the student spend a day or two visiting and participating in The Vanguard School’s program before making a final decision regarding enrollment.

    Once a student has been accepted for enrollment, the school district has 30 calendar days to return a signed NOREP (Notification of Recommended Educational Placement) to The Vanguard School. The School District is responsible for arranging transportation and for payment of the tuition costs for placement of the student at The Vanguard School. A small percentage of parents have chosen to pay privately to place their child at The Vanguard School having followed the same procedure as those completed by the School District. The Business Office of The Vanguard School will provide a tuition schedule for those families who plan to pay privately.

    We realize navigating the admissions and funding process can be overwhelming at times. We are here to help!

Admissions Inquiries

The Admissions Team

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    Admissions Supervisor
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    Jessica Drexler
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    Admissions Specialist
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