Career Prep Academy

  • For Eligible Students Entering Grades 10–13

    The Career Prep Academy is a five-week, part-time Extended School Year program designed for students who may not have specific academic goals or related service needs, however, they would benefit from social, behavioral and work-skill development over the summer months. The Academy combines small-group career preparation, financial literacy, customer service, peer interactions, career education and executive function skill building to give students the tools they need to succeed in future careers and post-secondary education.

Program Highlights

    • Self-Advocacy Skills
    • Career Education
    • Executive Function and Study Skills
    • Driver’s Education Preparation
    • Personal Finance
    • Career-Oriented Guest Speakers
    • Peer Mentoring
    • Time Management

Dates & Info

  • Program Dates
    July 6–August 6, 2021 
    Three days per week
    9:00 am–3:00 pm

    610.296.6725 x128