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    1777 North Valley Road
    Malvern, Pa 19355

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Phone Numbers

  • Director of Clinical Services
    610.296.6700 x102
    Assistant Director of Education 
    610.296.6700 x168
    Assistant Director of Clincal Services
    610.296.6700 x100
    Thomas Reiley
    Program Supervisor, Elementary School
    610.296.6700 x140
    Program Supervisor, Upper School
    610.296.6700 x266
    Program Supervisor, Upper School
    610.296.6700 x200
    Dennis Smith
    Vocational Supervisor, Vanguard Transition Center
    610.296.6700 x262
    Administrative Assistant for Director of The Vanguard School and the High School
    610.296.6700 x203
    Administrative Assistant for the Elementary School
    610.296.6700 x142 
    Liz Catino 
    Administrative Assistant for the Middle School and VTC
    610.296.6700 x202 
    Director of Education
    610.296.6700 x101


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