About the High School

  • In the High School, there is continuuing emphasis on the development of academic skills, social skills and student independence. Through community-based instruction, pre-employment transition activities, daily living skills, self-determination and interpersonal skills, sstudents work toward a sucessful transition to meaningful employment, post-secondary education and community life. 

    The population being served determines the High School program structure and content. Offerings may include curricula geared toward college preparation, in support of a vocational or technical education or emphasizing daily living skills training. This programming allows for flexibility and movement within the High School program to best accommodate individual needs. A low student-to-staff ratio ensures that individual students receive the attention necessary to benefit fully from their program.

    The High School offerings include math, reading, science, social studies, language arts, physical education, home arts, computer studies, music, wood shop, keyboarding, library resources, health, art, transition planning and the Program of Adventure-Based Counseling Experiences (PACE).

    Activities such as educational field trips, community-based instruction, travel training, dances, community service projects and special-interest clubs help round out this comprehensive  High School program.

    Each classroom teacher is supported within the classroom setting by a team of therapists who work with students individually, in small groups or on a consult basis. Other supports and services include school counseling, physical, occupational and speech-language therapies, behavior support, school psychology, reading support and school nursing.

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