Program Enhancements

  • To supplement academic curriculum and instruction, The Vanguard School incorporates a number of program enhancements to ensure the education and development of each student is well-rounded and comprehensive.

    Art instruction at the High School level is on an elective basis. Students are offered four classes from which to choose: drawing and painting, studio art, 3-D design and crafts. In drawing and painting, students are instructed in a technique and style each quarter and complete a related class assignment. Once the class assignment is complete, students create a project of their choosing. In studio art, students complete two projects of their choosing: a drawing, painting, sculpture or print project. In 3-D design, students create various sculptures using materials such as clay. In crafts, students complete two projects a quarter or a single long-term project, such as latch hook. Students choose their own projects and may bring in items from home. In all classes except crafts, students are expected to complete a sketchbook each quarter as a homework assignment.

    Educational Technology
    High School students are taught to increase their computer literacy and prepared for a technology-driven world. Lessons include how to research information, make appropriate and ethical choices and use various software and applications to craft reports, spreadsheets and presentations. Skills in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint acquired in Middle School are built upon.

    The Mierley Building is equipped with a computer lab and computers are available in each classroom. Additionally, The Mierley Building has a mobile laptop cart with nine laptops which is rotated between classes as a lab station. Each classroom has an interactive white board and access to iPads. This advanced technology allows for computer-based instruction while enabling students to remain engaged in learning.

    Media Center
    The Edward L. Reed II Learning Center is available for student, staff and parent use. The library houses an excellent collection of reading, curriculum, reference and professional materials and 11 networked computers. High School students have weekly assigned library time in addition to free access. The Library is staffed by a full-time librarian and one assistant and is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 3:30 pm, during the school year.

    The goal of The Vanguard School’s music program is to provide a multi-sensory and holistic music environment that provides each student with the opportunity to explore their musical creativity, enhance self-esteem and self-awareness, expand knowledge of music concepts and develop performance skills. Students learn about various styles of music and integrate academic core-curriculum subjects into individual and group music activities when appropriate. Public performances afford the opportunity for students to incorporate learned skills into a positive social environment. This year, Middle and High School students participated in a first-ever musical production, Disney's Aladdin, Jr.

    Program of Adventure-Based Counseling Experiences (P.A.C.E.)
    The Program of Adventure-Based Counseling Experiences (P.A.C.E.), is an innovative adventure-based counseling program. Utilizing an outdoor ropes course, games, group problem-solving initiatives and trust activities, P.A.C.E. has its foundations established on a set of behavioral expectations and values that our students are taught at the beginning of each school year. The students use skills relating to communication, cooperation and trust to meet the concepts of challenge and adventure.

    As an avenue for building personal, social and developmental satisfaction, P.A.C.E. enhances a student’s resiliency and ability to cope with peer pressure, manage conflict and gain confidence. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle, prevention of risk behaviors, community involvement, community service, self-awareness, decision making and the engagement in lifelong learning process.

    Physical Education
    Physical education is a regular part of each student’s educational program in the Middle School. Classes take place in the Musser Gymnasium which is complete with ample equipment for learning a multitude of physical activities. Our experienced, certified physical education staff plan developmentally-appropriate lessons designed to meet the diverse needs of our student population. The staff also works closely as a team with our physical therapists to develop individualized programs where needed.

    In addition to the regular physical education curriculum at The Vanguard School, several special activities provide opportunities for our students to practice and enjoy their skills. The unique learning opportunities provided through the physical education curriculum emphasize the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to choose and enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle.