School Counseling

  • To promote the educational, social and emotional development of our students, the school maintains a comprehensive clinical staff of school counselors. Through comprehensive school counseling programs, The Vanguard School follows the American School Counselor Association approach to guide students through social, academic and pre-vocational programs. Although the specific roles played by school counselors vary slightly from program to program, counselors at all levels strive to coordinate the developmental, preventative and responsive services that address a student’s academic, behavioral, career, personal and social development.

    Elementary School
    The school counselor provides individual and small-group counseling on an as needed basis for all students. Our elementary school students participate in planned classroom guidance sessions each cycle that emphasizes social thinking in areas such as conflict resolution, appreciating the perspectives of others, understanding feelings, self-advocacy, problem solving and coping skills.

    Middle School, High School & VTC
    School counselors assume the role of case managers. In this position, they work in conjunction with students, parents and legal guardians, teachers and other school and community personnel to assist in meeting the students’ needs, which are often complex. The Middle School, High School and VTC counselors assist students in reaching their academic, personal and social goals.