Information Verification

  • You can sign and submit back-to-school paperwork easily from your computer via The Vanguard School Parent Portal. The system is fast, efficient and highly secure. 

    The online verification process allows you to

    • Update household and emergency contact information
    • Update medical information
    • Review and verify annual permissions and authorizations
    • Upload physical, dental or immunization forms 

    Please update your information and complete the verification process for the 2023-24 school year. 

    Your child will not be permitted to use school computers or participate in community-based trips until the required authorizations, medical and emergency information is verified. 

    Information Verification Instructions
    Please be aware the online verification information is not accessible via mobile device.

    1. Go to the Parent Portal
    2. Enter your username and password
    3. Go to the Verification Menu located on the left-hand side of the screen to edit, review, and confirm your information.
    4. You must review each screen and click to confirm your information on the last screen. 
    5. You will confirm by clicking on the bar that reads "Click here to confirm all information is correct." Once you complete this step, the "VERIFIED" and "VERIFIED BY" fields will populate automatically and you will see a Thank You message indicating you have successfully completed the verification process.The process will not be completed until you confirm.  

      If you need assistance, please contact technical support

    If parents or legal guardians live in two separate households, the parent that you identify as the primary household must complete the student verification process. Parents and legal guardians living outside your identified primary household should only update their household and contact information.