Vocational Immersion Program

  • VIP

    Providing Meaningful and Educational Work Experiences to Young Adults
    Ages 18–24 

    The Vocational Immersion Program (VIP) is a four-week intensive, pre-employment program with a strong focus on work readiness, career exploration and community-based vocational experiences. Partnering with local businesses, VIP evaluates each participant's personal interests and strengths to place the young adult within a valuable work environment.

    VIP is designed for young adults with exceptionalities including autism spectrum disorder, speech-language and neurological impairments, developmental disabilities, learning differences and social-emotional difficulties. 

    Program Highlights:

    • Classroom, community and workplace instruction
    • Assessment of strengths, interests and needs
    • Self-advocacy training
    • Workplace readiness training
    • Portfolio development
    • Career exploration and discovery
    • Workplace Internships
    • Independent living residency

Dates & Info

  • Dates:
    July 1-26, 2024

    To learn more about the VIP program or to refer a participant, please contact us at 610.296.6725 x146 or vip@vfes.net