Work-Based Learning Experiences

  • Participants will spend up to ten hours each week at a worksite through weeks two, three and four of the program. Prior to placing students at a workplace, we will evaluate the student's aptitude and interest for the type of position each business has available.

    The business partner's on site mentor will work closeley with a VIP job coach to develop a work plan based on the requirments of the job and the abilities of the participant. 

    VIP business partners are dedicated to providing participants with a meaningful, educational and vocational experiences so students will develop a skill set they can carry into future employment opportunities.

    Through work, academic and life skills experiences, students will hone transferable skills such as communication, troubleshooting, independent-thinking, responsibility, adaptability, coping and problem-solving.


    Program Schedule:

    Week 1: Campus-based and community-based

    Week 2: Campus-based and 8-10 hours at worksite with job coach

    Week 3: 8-10 hours at worksite with job coach and transition to Independent Living Residency

    Week 4: Independent Living Residency and 12-15 hours at worksite




Dates & Info

  • Date:
    July 6–July 30, 2021

    To learn more about the VIP program or to refer a participant, please contact us at 484.320.3240 or