The Vanguard Transition Center

  • Ages 18–22

    The Vanguard Transition Center (VTC) is an extended school-year program for young adults. This post-high school program offers the 18-22 population their own ESY program which emphasizes maintaining vocational, employability, and daily living skills. All students participate in workshops, community-based and small-group instruction that focus on time and money management as well as interpersonal, self-advocacy, recreation and leisure skills.

    VTC offers post-secondary education support, vocational development and daily living skills to young adults with a PA Department of Special Education exceptionality of autism, speech-language impairment, emotional disturbance and/or other health impairment (OHI). Students also may experience developmental disabilities, learning differences or social-emotional or behavioral difficulties.

VTC Highlights

    • Evidence-based instruction in math, language arts, daily living skills, employment skills, current events, healthy lifestyles and human social development
    • Career exploration and technical instruction
    • Development of positive work habits and social-interaction skills
    • Community-based activities
    • Recreational opportunities
    • Related services are provided as specified in a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Dates & Info

  • Program Dates
    July 1– August 1, 2024
    Monday – Thursday
    9:00 am–3:00 pm