Work Orientation Readiness Center (WORC)

  • Students may spend part of their day at WORC, our vocational-skills training program which reinforces important soft skills while students perform meaningful jobs across campus including copying, binding, data entry and mailing projects. Our professionals work with students to teach the importance of being on time, communicating politely with co-workers and supervisors, maintaining proper hygiene and grooming and other skills critical in the workforce.

    Work-readiness programs are a fundamental component of the educational experience here at The Vanguard School. Students engage in myriad projects and tasks that employ and build valuable vocational and soft skills students can take well beyond their academic experience here. Some of the work opportunities available include:

    • Typing weekly lunch menus and daily announcements 
    • Collating packets of information for mailings and on-campus events
    • Designing posters for school activities
    • Copying, counting and delivering flyers 
    • Binding books and laminating paper products
    • Assembling table favors

    By equipping students with experience in these high-demand areas, they are better prepared to handle and succeed at a wide range of jobs when they enter the workforce.