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Welcome to the Vanguard School

    • The Vanguard School provides comprehensive student-focused special education and related clinical services using evidence-based curriculum and practices. Students receive individualized behavioral, academic and vocational programming with a focus on functional, emotional and social skills development. As students transition to adolescence and adulthood, the programs emphasize the development of daily living, social and vocational skills needed to allow students to function with the greatest possible independence as contributing members of their communities.

      Teams of therapists support students in the classroom, individually and in small groups as well as through consultative efforts. Related clinical services include speech-language, occupational and physical therapies, school psychology, school counseling, behavior support and nursing. All therapists and specialists have the advantage of being actively involved in the student’s entire day; our clinicians co-treat across disciplines and consult with teachers and other professionals on a regular basis.

      The Vanguard School is a Pennsylvania licensed, Approved Private School serving students, 5–22 years of age, who require a high degree of individualized attention and intervention including those with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, speech-language deficits and students who experience social-emotional, executive functioning and behavioral difficulties.