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  • We are thankful for the generous contributions our donors make to Valley Forge Educational Services. Because our donors play such an important role in shaping the future of our programs and services, we are excited to share some of their stories on why they give to VFES.

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    Hear from Our Donors: "Why I give"

    "Our son will be graduating from Eastern University after the fall semester. He would never have been able to be successful without his years at The Vanguard School and especially at the Transition Center. Jacque Murray provided amazing support for our son and continues to be a valuable resource for us!" 
    ~Susan Denman, parent of Vanguard School and Vanguard Transition Center student

    "Vanguard has given my granddaughter tools she can use for success." 
    ~Madeline Brown, grandparent to Vanguard High School student
    "VFES has done a great job helping my son continue to learn skills to manage academic issues related to his LD. Summer camps have been fun and highly rewarding academically!" 
    ~Elizabeth Warter, parent of Summer Camp participant

    "My children have learned to talk, to make friends and are learning how to someday live independently. We are on the right path — my children have had the advantage of experiencing the high-quality educational and clinical programs and services offered at VFES." 
    ~Diane DiMarco, parent of two Vanguard students

    "During a visit to campus, I saw several classrooms and observed the educators interacting with students using their current iPad and SMART Board technology. I was able to see firsthand how existing technology is integrated into lesson planning and truly makes learning come alive for children. Having no previous knowledge of SMART Boards and the impact they have on special needs youth, I was awed to watch how the students were able to interact with technology and also with each other and their teachers. After this eye-opening visit, I was very proud to endorse VFES for a grant from the Ronald McDonald House Charities to purchase 20 iPads and a SMART Board, so that more Vanguard School students can benefit from assistive technology in the classroom." 
    ~Charles Ehlers, McDonald’s Owner-Operator, The Ehlers Organization

    "I appreciate the opportunity that I have to work at The Vanguard School and to see the impact of our school empower the lives of our students to attain goals and realize their abilities that they did not know they had! Being able to work with our students is a gift Vanguard gives to me and my annual appeal donation is a small way for me to give back." 
    ~Joe Previty, Vanguard School Teacher

    “As a community-minded business, Penn Liberty Bank has redirected tax dollars to VFES through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit program. We are honored to know that our contributions are helping VFES meet their goal of guiding young people with special needs to independence. We encourage other business owners to support VFES and the many innovative programs and services they offer.” 
     ~Brian Zwaan, President of Penn Liberty Bank 


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