Attendance Policy

  • Regular attendance is an important factor in educational success. The vanguard school abides by all compulsory attendance state and federal laws and supports a comprehensive approach to supporting student attendance.

    Reporting Absences: If your child will be absent from school, please call the main office of the school building before 8:30 am. When a student’s absence is known ahead of time, please arrange with your student’s teachers for make-up work the week before the absence. Any academic work missed because of a voluntary absence is the student’s responsibility.

    If your child has been assigned a one-to-one aide through an outside agency, it is your responsibility to inform the aide of your child’s absence prior to the start of their school day.

    Excused Absences: Student absences shall be considered excused/lawful for the following reasons:

    a. illness or factor related to the student’s disability, including if a student is dismissed during school hours for health-related reasons by a certified school nurse, RN, LPN, school administrator, or designee

    b. Obtaining professional health care or therapy rendered by a licensed practitioner of the healing arts

    c. Quarantine

    d. Family emergency

    e. Recovery from accident

    f. Required court attendance

    g. Death in the family

    h. Observance of a religious holiday observed by a religious group

    i. Non-school-sponsored educational tours or trips

    j. College or post-secondary institution visit

    k. Other urgent reasons which do not permit irregular attendance In order for an absence to be excused for the above-mentioned situations, a parent/guardian must submit an absence not prior to or within 5 days of the absence. Written notice can include an email to the teacher, administrator or supervisor.

    Truancy: When a student accumulates three or more unexcused absences, the student’s parents or legal guardians and school district of residence will be notified. After accumulating six unexcused absences, the school must hold and offer the student and parent a school attendance improvement conference to create an attendance improvement plan. Students and parents of students who accumulate more than six unexcused absences may be subject to prosecution under Pennsylvania’s truancy laws.

    Early Dismissal: Parents who need to have a student dismissed early or excused from school for a period of time during the day must send a note and call the appropriate office. The student must be picked up and signed out at the school office by an authorized adult whose name is on file. Proper identification is required.

    Tardiness: If your child misses the bus or arrives late, they should report to the school office upon arrival. The student should not go directly to the classroom.

    If your child did not take the morning bus, you must call your school district of residence transportation office if you want them to transport your child home.