Business Office

  • The responsibilities of the Business Office include the oversight, safeguarding and management of Valley Forge Educational Service’s resources by identifying, developing, and advancing various strategies, policies, controls and practices. The Business Office consists of a number of accounting professionals, each with his or her own set of responsibilities for enabling our organization to run efficiently and effectively. The office helps to manage and maintain organizational compliance with statutory, regulatory and ethics requirements.

    The Business Office is responsible for managing and overseeing all accounting, financial, insurance, facilities and grounds, and operational aspects of the organization. A core responsibility for the office is to provide for an ongoing financially secure and sound environment for the total organization.

    The Business Office is responsible for the following operating functions of the organization: 

    • Facilities and Grounds
    • Food Services
    • Oversight of Legal Matters
    • Crisis Planning and Intervention
    • Employee Benefits
    • All Organizational Insurance
    • Purchasing
    • Payroll
    • Accounts Payable
    • Financial Reporting
    • Audits and Investments
    • Administrative Related Oversight
  • (Not pictured)
    Elizabeth Ladd
    Chief Financial Officer 
    610.296.6725 x120
    Ursula Meszaros
    Ursula Meszaros
    Staff Accountant
    610.296.6725 x125
    (Not Pictured)
    Deborah Bagley 
    Payroll Administrator
    610.296.6725 x121
    Carolann Candy
    Accounting Assistant
    610.296.6725 x122