Our Campus

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    Valley Forge Educational Services (VFES) 28-acre campus is located in the wooded countryside of Chester County, in the town of Malvern, Pennsylvania. The campus provides students with a park-like refuge where they can achieve their academic goals, socialize with friends and practice daily living skills.

    The VFES campus consists of a number academic and clinical services buildings including The Vanguard Elementary School, TheVanguard Middle and High Schools, The Vanguard Transition Center, a state-of-the-art therapy gym, activities center, cafeteria, industrial- and fine-arts workshops and administrative offices. The campus also contains an attractive central courtyard, play structures, a PACE course, fitness trail and athletic fields. 

Our Berwyn Office

  • Our satelite office, located in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, is home to our adult employment services, Customized Workforce Solutions (CWS). Conveniently located near the Berwyn Train Station, participants easily travel to and from our CWS office and services.  

    While most CWS services take place in our participants' home communities, our Berwyn office serves as a central location to facilitate intake and informational meetings, career assements and special events. 


Campus Map