Why Vanguard?

  • The Vanguard School provides comprehensive special education services in a highly personalized setting by emphasizing and integrating an academic environment with a high degree of socialization programming and sensory integration. The school explores and implements individualized approaches along with evidence-based curriculum to foster significant educational and social accomplishments in its students. The Vanguard School’s innovative K-12 and post-secondary education is a hallmark of the school’s learning-for-life philosophy, and has resulted in measurable success for graduates.

    Leader in Comprehensive Academic and Therapeutic Services
    The Vanguard School has been at the cutting edge for special-education innovation, elevating our institution to a higher graduation rate than the national average. Our proven platform of academic, social and physical support services includes school-to-work transitioning, occupational, physical and speech-language therapies, school psychology, school counseling, behavior support and nursing.

    Committed Staff that Understands the Unique Needs and Challenges
    Our staff are highly trained and understand the different ways that children learn. Our individualized education program is continually monitored and adjusted to maximize each child’s potential for learning. The Vanguard School provides parents and interested parties with the knowledge and access they need to provide the best learning environment for their child.

    Approved Private School (APS) for Special Education Services by the Bureau of Special Education
    The Vanguard School is a nonprofit, state-licensed, academic day school that is one of Pennsylvania's Approved Private Schools for Special Education, selected by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Students receive special education instruction and related services identified in their Individualized Education Program (IEP).

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