Education at The Vanguard School

  • Education at the Vanguard School
    The Vanguard School provides comprehensive special education and integrated clinical services with a unique focus on the individual child and his or her readiness for life. The Vanguard School is an innovator in offering an integrated academic, social and daily living skills approach within a supportive environment where the ultimate goal is for each student to become an independent, functional and contributing member of the community. 

    The Pre-K and Elementary School
    The Pre-K and Elementary School program offers students the opportunity to thrive in small classes of five to nine students; each classroom has a certified special education teacher and a classroom aide. Instruction is paced to accommodate students with language delays as well as motor planning and processing difficulties.
    The Middle School
    In The Vanguard Middle School, the emotional and behavioral needs of the students are a focus of instruction. Students are supported through numerous initiatives across the curriculum and enhancement programs.
    The High School
    In The Vanguard High School there is a continuing emphasis on the development of academic skills, social skills and student independence. Through community-based instruction, daily living skills, self-determination and interpersonal skills, students work toward a successful transition to work, post-secondary education and community life.

    The Vanguard Transition Center (VTC)
    The Vanguard Transition Center (VTC) offers post-secondary education support, career preparation, community-based vocational training, and social and daily living skills development to young adults. 
    Speech-Language Intensive Classrooms
    The Vanguard School offers speech-language intensive classrooms designed to serve children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and other speech-sound disorders. This academic program focuses on the development and integration of speech and language skills and academic success. 
    These classrooms are for elementary or middle school students who need additional support due to the frequency and intensity of their behavioral difficulties. Students learn evidence-based behavioral and emotional regulation skills, problem-solving skills and ways to manage frustration and anger

    Clinical Services at The Vanguard School
    A team of therapists support students in the classroom, individually and in small groups as well as through consultative efforts. Related clinical services include speech-language, occupational and physical therapies, school psychology, school counseling, behavior support and nursing. 
    Summer Programming
    The Vanguard School, offers Extended School Year (ESY) programs for students 4–21 years of age.

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