•    Welcome to Physical Therapy during the 2020-2021 school year. Some students are attending on campus while others remian home and are participating remotely.  

       For my students/families who are remaining remote, please know I am available to help you with your child’s physical therapy needs. I am happy to consult, provide resources, suggest and model activities to do with your child, and/or answer questions. 

       I can be reached by email (jospangenberg@vanguardschool-pa.org) or we can consult during your child's scheduled PT session.

       The PTs have also posted videos for yoga routines, mindfulness breathing, Zumba, general ideas for movement, and a link to GoNoodle. On my staff page or the Physical Therapy main page is a heading that says "Physical Therapy Resources". You will find the links for these activities by clicking on "Activity options during remote learning".    

        I hope your child, your family, and you are able to stay healthy during these challenging times.  


Phone: 610-296-6700 x 274


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science, Physical Therapy Allied Health, University of Connecticut 1985
Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Pediatric Specialty, Rocky Mountain University of the Health Professions, 2014

Dr. Johanna Javens Spangenberg

   Welcome to Vanguard Physical Therapy. I have had the pleasure of working at the Vanguard School since 2008. I have enjoyed working with children with physical and cognitive challenges for many years, both here at Vanguard and other schools throughout my career. I work with children in all of the areas of the Vanguard School including the Elementary, Middle, and High School programs, as well as the Vanguard Transition Center.

    I graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1985 with my physical therapy degree. I also graduated from Rocky Mountain University of the Health Professions with a clinical doctorate in physical therapy with a pediatric specialty in 2014. I have a special interest in autism and weight related issues. 

    Vanguard physical therapy is a related service that allows us to help optimize children's physical access and success in their school programs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.