Ways to Collaborate

  • Career Awareness
    Share your expertise with students by giving an informational presentation to participants about your company, your job or unique talents. Presentations may be scheduled at your business or in a classroom setting.

    Job Shadowing
    Provide a real-world look at the workplace by allowing students and adults to observe your employees as they go through a typical day on the job. Visits are scheduled at your place of business so that participants may observe one or more positions. The participants observe essential functions of occupational areas of interest. Experiences vary in time from one hour to a full day depending on the amount of time you can provide as well as the participants’ level of interest.

    Vocational Training
    Vocational education and training to students with disabilities is delivered in a community-based work setting rather than a conventional school environments. Employers provide meaningful work experiences to small groups of students in a safe and supervised setting giving students the opportunity to refine soft skills, test their capabilities, and cultivate their career interests and goals. Students gain information by watching work being performed, talking with employees and performing work tasks under the direct supervision of an on-site mentor and school personnel. Employers who partake in the program will encounter no costs for placement of students in their business.

    Vocational Immersion Program
    This four-week program provides real-life work experience combined with job exploration, job-readiness training and developing independent living skills to help young adults successfully transition from school to a productive adult life. Job placement is based on the student’s experiences, strengths and skills. The program is a collaborative partnership that takes place in a business setting where total immersion in the workplace for a three-week period facilitates the acquisition of employability and marketable work skills. The partnership provides consistent on-site supervision from an on-site mentor and a VFES employment specialist. Employers who partake in the program will encounter no costs for student placement in their business.

    Direct Hire
    Meaningful competitive employment is the first and preferred option for adults with disabilities. Rather than focusing on disabilities, we focus on the abilities of an untapped talent pool of job seekers with a variety of backgrounds and skills who are motivated to work. Employers benefit from an inclusive workforce. Once employers are connected with a qualified employee who meets their business needs, both employer and employee receive ongoing job coaching from a certified employment specialist at the level the individual needs to ensure success. Employees earn comparable wages, work side-by-side with co-workers with or without disabilities whenever possible, and experience the same benefits as all other employees.


  • If interested in learning more about our programs or collaborating with us, please contact:
    cws@vfes.net or 610.296.6725 x146