Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I expect from an employee with a developmental disability?
    Like anyone else, people with disabilities have strengths and weaknesses, talents and abilities. These talents could include experience and interest in your line of work and soft skills you find beneficial to your workplace such as customer service skills, teamwork, and strong motivation for work. There may be someone in your community today with a developmental disability who has some or all of the specific skills you are looking for to enhance your business.

    How will this benefit my business?  
    People with disabilities are a labor source that is vastly underutilized by most organizations and businesses. Many employers tell us that hiring someone with a developmental disability is not only great for the business community, but cost-effective toward their bottom line.

    Will I have support?
    Absolutely! A VFES Employment Specialist helps you or your staff member train your new employee. As your new employee learns the skills needed for the job, the employment specialist fades out of the picture. If you need help teaching your employee new skills later on, you may call VFES and arrange to bring an employment specialist back to the worksite.

    Who supervises the participants while at work?           
    Once the individual is established in their individual employment position, the employer is responsible for supervision and will have support as needed from VFES.

    Does an employer need to sign a contract to work with VFES?
    No, the employee VFES supports is no different than any other employee hired by your company, and is held to the same standards and hiring practices. Our goal is to find a successful placement for the employee and meet the needs of the employer.

    Is there any cost to the employer?
    No, there is no cost to the employer. VFES is a non-profit organization, and is funded through various sources including the Department of Labor, the Department of Public Welfare, and multiple school districts.


  • Will I be expected to make reasonable accommodations for my new employee? Will it cost me anything?
    A reasonable accommodation is any change in the workplace or in the ways that tasks are performed in order to assist a person with a disability to apply for a job, perform job duties, and/or to enjoy the benefits and privileges of employment. In performing an analysis of the essential functions of the job and related job tasks, the employment specialist may recommend restructuring how tasks are completed and/or teach task performance differently in order to best meet the needs of the employee, while still meeting the expectations of the employer. Most accommodations cost nothing at all and while the law requires that an employer provide reasonable accommodation to an employee or job applicant with a disability, such is not required if it would cause significant difficulty or expense to the employer.

    What is my liability?
    VFES’ insurance covers all VFES employees, including employment specialists, so the employer is not liable for any injuries that a VFES employee sustains at a work site. However, any VFES jobseeker hired by your business is an employee of your business, and is therefore covered under and follows your businesses' policy.

    What if I hire someone that isn’t a good fit for us? 
    As the employer, you make the final decisions regarding your business and what is best. In the rare event that an employment relationship must be severed, VFES will assist you in supporting the employee through the process and can also provide options for additional qualified applicants to fill the position upon your request.

    Are there any tax incentives businesses?
    Businesses may be eligible to receive the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. For more information, please visit the Department of Labor website, 

    Federal contractors and subcontractors now have a diverse workforce goal (Amended Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973): 7% of individuals in each job group in their workforce should consist of qualified individuals with disabilities. VFES can help your business meet that goal, and for more information, please contact: 

    For more information about Customized Workforce Solutions or opportunities for collaboration, please contact