Program Outcomes

  • Self-Advocacy Training
    Participants will develop knowledge of their learning styles, strengths, weaknesses and preferences. 

    Participants will be able to...

    • Identify personal strengths and areas of need
    • State long-term goals, hopes and dreams
    • Make informed life decisions
    • Ask for necessary workplace accomodations

    Workplace Readiness
    Workplace readiness training will teach the competencies necessary to maintain employment

    Participants will be able to...

    • Identifity accommodations
    • Understand appropriate workplace behavior
    • Develop and maintain a personal resume
    • Acquire a foundation for working independently
    • Demonstrate effective communication 
    • Display time management, organization and problem-solving skills

    Independent Living Skills 
    Participants will develop skills and perform tasks related to recreation, home maintenance, personal care and community participation.

    Participants will be able to...

    • Understand the difference between needs and luxuries
    • Understand how to plan their daily routines 
    • Adapt to a work routine 
    • Identify recreation, leisure and volunteer opportunities in the community


Dates & Info

  • Date:
    July 5–July 28, 2023

    To learn more about the VIP program or to refer a participant, please contact us at 610.296.6725 x146 or