Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started with Customized Workforce Solutions (CWS)?
    The intake process is the first step in meeting your employment goal. Participants may be referred by their Supports Coordinator,
    representatives of funding sources or you may start the process on your own by filling out our inquiry form at Once we receive your information, a CWS employment specialist will review your information and call you to schedule an intake meeting.

    What happens at the Intake Meeting?
    During the intake meeting, we will help you identify your personal skills, interests, goals, strengths and possible barriers to employment. In this session, we will also review available funding sources. After the initial intake interview, your employment specialist will work with you to develop jobs and provide job coaching.

    What is the timeframe for finding employment?
    It varies, each participant’s timeframe will vary depending on their personal needs. We know that everyone who comes through the doors at CWS is eager to find a job, so we try to help make the process as engaging, smooth and timely as possible.

    How does CWS determine the right path for me?
    CWS uses customized employment, which starts with a discovery process to evaluate your strengths and work preferences and uses that information to find the right job match.

  • Do you offer job training?
    CWS will provide on-the-job training and will help you become accustomed to your new job and all of the tasks that are involved in that new job. However, CWS does not provide specialized pre-training to learn new skills (e.g., advanced culinary skills, advanced office skills, etc.). CWS focuses on employment based on each participant’s strengths and abilities.

    What is an employment specialist and how long do I need one?
    An employment specialist is a professional who helps you succeed at work by helping you understand and excel at your job tasks. An employment specialist might come to orientation with you, help you talk to your manager, or help you advocate for yourself in the workplace. Our goal is for you to become as independent as possible. An employment specialist will gradually reduce support as you and your employer feel confident about your job.

    Do you provide transportation?
    To find and retain a job you will need to have a means of transportation. CWS can assist you in exploring transportation options that are appropriate for you. If necessary, staff will teach you to access public transportation safely.

    Will my extensive or challenging support needs prevent me from getting a job?
    We believe everyone who wants to work can work, and CWS helps to find creative employment solutions to fit your unique needs.

    For more information about Customized Workforce Solutions, please contact