From our Families

  • “The program exceeded our expectations. It was the first time that our son spent time away from home and he thoroughly enjoyed it! Having him attend a week of day camp prior to the week of overnight was wonderful, so he was able to transition into the environment by the time his week of overnight camp began.”

    “It provided my son with opportunities to increase his independence, work on living cooperatively with peers, and - perhaps most importantly - have a vacation of his very own (away from Mom and with peers).”


    “Overall, it was a fabulous program and opportunity for socialization. This was one of the first times that my son was able to participate in activities like this and we appreciated it so much. He had a great time with the activities.”


    “The individualized attention is just what we needed so our son could participate in an overnight camp.”


    “He loved it. It made him feel like a regular teen to have a similar experience as his cousins who attend different camps and travel.”


    “You build confidence and responsibility in such a natural way.”


    “She loved it! She cannot wait to go back and is working towards going next summer. She wants all of her friends from home to go to experience the fun and love that she felt from camp. She felt like she fit in somewhere and didn't have to be left out of everything like she does at other camps or try so hard to make friends, she was accepted by everyone even the staff. She just wants everyone to feel that way.”


    “The most important thing to us was confidence for our son. We want him to feel good about himself. He felt great and enjoyed his experience for the second year. He was already talking about going back next year before we got home from picking him up from camp.”


    “The staff are always so positive, warm and fun and they teach the children so much. My son benefits greatly and I cannot praise your programming enough. It is well planned, organized and structured. It seems to me the children are so well supervised with good staff to student ratios, and yet given opportunities to stretch their wings.” — Dr. Christina Jackson 

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