• Our adult employment services are focused on community inclusion and person-centered support to help individuals with disabilities meet their employment goals. Services are based on the unique skills, interests, preferences, support needs and goals of the job seeker.

    Supported Employment.
    An Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE) trained employment specialist will provide support to a competitively paid employee in an integrated community work setting. Support is provided on both a short-term and long-term basis depending on the needs of the individual with an ultimate goal of independence at work.

    Customized Employment.
    An Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE) trained employment specialist will work with the individual seeking competitive integrated employment. Customized Employment is designed for a person with a significant disability and is based on an assessment of the strengths, needs, and interests of the individual and the business needs of the employer. Services are carried out through flexible strategies.

    Career Discovery and Assessment.
    This planning process involves getting to know a person
    before supporting them in developing a plan for employment. Activities include observing the individual in settings in which they are comfortable as well as assessing personal strengths, needs, preferences and work experiences that support his or her employment vision. The discovery and assessment information is incorporated into a vocational profile for the individual outlining the ideal conditions for employment.

    Job Development.
    A specialist will work with the individual to practice interview skills, create
    a resume and connect with employers in the community to find the right match between the job seeker and employer. A specialist will develop a list of potential employers that carefully match the job seeker’s contributions, conditions and preferences for employment with an employer’s unmet needs.

    Job Retention Services.
    Support services may include employer training and consultation, site visits, evaluations of the employee’s performance on the job and team meetings.

    Recreation and Leisure Services.
    Activities will include book clubs, coffeehouse social hours, local community events and holiday parties. Individuals will have opportunities to develop meaningful hobbies, cultivate relationships and improve interpersonal skills.


  • For more information, or to schedule an intake meeting:
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