Supporting Innovative Educational Initiatives: Students Collect Caps for Kits

Posted by VFES Communications at 9/19/2014 3:00:00 PM

Sometimes the simplest of things lend themselves to the greatest ideas.

High School students in Ms. Seel’s class spent time collecting, washing, sorting and labeling bottle caps that had been amassed from locations around campus over the course of a few months.

Their efforts support the Caps Program, a project initiated by a West Chester University professor and student that utilizes recycled caps from water, milk, juice and other beverage bottles in sensory-learning, play-based activities to build literacy, numeracy and sequencing skills. The caps are affixed with a letter, number or symbol to comprise an alphabet kit and a number kit. The alphabet set contains three of each vowel, three of the more popular letters and two of the remaining letters. Number kits include three each of numbers one through zero and two each of various mathematical symbols. There are also 20 blank caps for folks to exercise their creativity and make their own additions. Included along with the caps in a zip-lock bag is a resource guide for parents and teachers that provides some sample, basic ideas and serves as inspiration for creating endless activities.

Kits are collected from those who volunteer their time and energy to create them then distributed to schools, literacy programs, domestic violence shelters and even Costa Rica and other locations in South America. They’re great learning tools for places with minimal resources; and even for those with extensive resources, the vast possibilities for educational activities bolsters children’s creativity. From matching shapes and sorting consonants from vowels to engaging in imaginative play with pretend money and using caps as problem-solving tools when learning basic number sentences, the caps can be utilized in myriad subject areas.

With something so easy make, it’s hard to resist the urge to make a kit for your own child or student.

Here’s a picture from when representatives from West Chester University visited campus to meet our students and collect the kits.
Students and WCU Representatives