Therapeutic Classroom Teacher

Title Therapeutic Classroom Teacher
Program or Department Vanguard -  Elementary School
Position Type Full-time, 10 Months plus 5 week ESY
Work Schedule Monday to Friday, 7:45AM to 3:45PM
Reports To

Program Supervisor
Position Summary

Are you a special education teacher looking for an opportunity to lead a new therapeutic program within The Vanguard School? 
Beginning this fall, The Vanguard School has two openings for special education certified teachers to lead two therapeutic classrooms:  one in Elementary School and one in Middle School.  In these self-contained classrooms, the teacher will correlate instruction with specialists and utilize the services of psychologists, therapists, nurses, school counselors, a BCBA, social worker, and other available resources.  Class size is no more than 5 students and a full-time classroom aide supports the teacher.  Teaching responsibilities include:  planning and implementing appropriate academic, transition, and behavioral services for the students; and maintaining accurate records, assessing and monitoring student progress, and providing accurate reporting of student progress.
The work schedule for this position is 11-months:  the typical 10-month school year plus a 5 week extended school year (ESY) program.  It is a full benefit position offering paid health and dental insurance, paid personal and sick days, and opportunities for professional development. Tuition reimbursement of up to $2000 per year is also available.
Application deadline: July 15, 2017     Start date for this position: August 23, 2017 

Position Requirements
  1. Bachelor’s degree in Special Education or a related field.
  2. Current, valid Pennsylvania certification in Special Education.
  3. Exposure to and participation in appropriate special education related programming including IEP meetings and IEP goal writing.
  4. Ability to recognize the individuality and uniqueness of each student & treat him/her with respect & dignity.
  5. Ability to engage intellectually and physically in all components of the educational process.
  6. Ability to establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with all constituents (administrators, colleagues, students, parents, and others).
  7. Knowledge of correct English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary.
  8. Ability to use computers and perform clerical skills at a proficient level.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities
  1. Plans instructional lessons, in writing, according to a planned scope and sequence, addressing individual differences among the students assigned according to the student’s pre-determined goals.
  2. Develops, in writing, appropriate goals for assigned students and monitors progress throughout the year.
  3. Consistently implements behavioral programs, clearly defining limits and expectations, encouraging student self-discipline verbally and by example. Documents behavioral incidents.
  4. Supervises students at all times in accordance with policy for student health and safety. This would include instructional time and assigned duties such as homeroom, clubs, lunch, playground, transportation, trips, etc.
  5. Offers instructional delivery that is goal related, clearly states expectations, involves equitable student participation, is properly paced, allows for differentiation, and includes assessment.
  6. Maintains a record for each student, which reflects the starting point of instruction, the strengths and deficiencies of the student, the objectives to be obtained, the modes of learning and materials to be used, and an evaluation of progress over time, in achieving the objectives.
  7. Correlates instruction with other instructional areas when possible and desirable, by planning experiences that include other subject areas with the curriculum.
  8. Arranges for the use of a variety of teaching supplies, equipment and multi-media instructional material, including self-prepared materials.
  9. Correlates instruction with specialists and utilizes the services of the psychologists, therapists, nurses, guidance counselors, and other available resources.
  10. Conducts parent-teacher conferences as scheduled in a professional manner.
  11. Maintains a professional, confidential and ethical relationship with colleagues, students and parents at all times.
  12. Assigns instructional materials to students and insures proper care, use and return of such materials.
  13. Maintains classroom in proper appearance and end-of-year inventory and storage of materials.
  14. Assists with the budgeting process, such as determining program goals and ordering appropriate materials, suggesting field trips, etc. in conjunction with the Program Supervisor and the Director of Vanguard.
  15. Attends and actively participates in all faculty meetings, in-service meetings, and any other meetings as required.
  16. Maintains proper certification for assignment and remains educationally informed in all related areas including PDE regulations and state/national standards through continued professional study and attending workshops and conferences.
  17. Performs related duties, special assignments and projects as assigned.
To apply for this position, interested applicants should e-mail their Cover Letter and Resume to