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VFES Artist-In-Residence Series Brings Flame the Band to The Vanguard School

Thanks to the generous donation of the SNAVE Foundation, Flame the Band performed for Vanguard School Students as part of Valley Forge Educational Service’s Artist-In-Residence program Thursday, April 22 and Friday, April 23.  Flame, is a band comprised of singers, dancers and musicians with various developmental and physical disabilities including autism, Down syndrome and blindness. The band spreads hope and inspiration through music to change the way the public views people with disabilities.

All students gathered in the Activities Center to hear Flame perform a mix of pop, rock and country music. Flame dedicated their original single ‘This is Me’, a song written by the band to celebrate all people including those with special needs, to all the students in the audience. Students and staff also clapped, sang and danced to covers of songs by favorite musicians such as The Beatles, Jason Mraz and Lynard Skynard.

A select group of middle school, high school and Vanguard Transition Center students met with the band for small-group discussions and question-and-answer sessions asking questions such as ‘Who are your musical influences?’, ‘What was your favorite performance?’, and ‘What was your first concert?’ Flame also performed during the Vanguard School's Spring Fling, the evening of Friday, April 23.

With Flame’s performances and the Artist-in-Residence series, VFES welcomed the opportunity to spark motivation and inspiration in students to pursue their talents and to achieve greatness.