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Vanguard April Program Update

New CBVT Partner – Thorncroft Equestrian Center (Malvern, PA)

Vanguard is thrilled to have Thorncroft Equestrian Center as a new Community-Based Vocational Training (CBVT) partner! Since 1969, Thorncroft has been a dedicated to developing the emotional and physical well-being of people with all abilities who visit their farm. The farm offers equestrian-related programs through 24 instructors, over 30 horses, 2 indoor arenas on 70 acres of open space.

Vanguard’s CBVT program allows our students to explore occupations while developing the vocational skills necessary for success. Through this important community-based partnership, students benefit from the training of a highly qualified mentor in a real-world setting – training that will help our students build the physical, social and work skills needed to be successful in the job market.

CBVT business partners provide 3-20 hours of meaningful on-the-job experiences for a small group of students and assign an on-site mentor to work with students.

At Thorncroft, students work on the following tasks:

  • Cleaning the tack room (prepping saddles and straps)
  • Cleaning feeding buckets
  • Mucking stalls
  • Maintaining grooming buckets
  • Filling wheel barrows with hay and delivering hay to the stalls

student shoveling haystudent grooming horsestudent mucking stalls