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VFES Adds Adult Employment Services To Program Offerings

VFES Adds Adult Employment Services to Program Offerings 

Valley Forge Educational Services (VFES) expands programming to serve adults with disabilities in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The newest offering Customized Workforce Solutions (CWS) offers person-centered support and training to help adults with disabilities define their employment goals, understand their strengths, discover their vocational interests and ultimately, attain competitive employment.

CWS provides adults with disabilities the opportunity to participate in productive work, earn wages, increase self-esteem and gain independence. The services were built on the fundamental principle that adults with disabilities are like everyone else. They want to hold jobs, earn an income and participate in their community. 

CWS believes that an employer should never hire people with disabilities solely because they think it is the right thing to do. It just doesn’t work.  As with any successful job placement, people with disabilities can and should be the right person, with the right skills for the job.  At CWS, employment specialists carefully evaluate both the prospective employees and the employment opportunities to ensure that individual's abilities and skills are matched to specific employer needs.

"It has been demonstrated, time and time again, that when people with disabilities have individualized supports, proper training, career discovery and preparation, they are well positioned to secure productive, mainstream employment with competitive wages,” said Dr. Grace Fornicola, Executive Director of VFES.  “Our services will enable adults with disabilities to become self-sufficient, contributing members of their communities.”

VFES already has significant experience in work-readiness programs, transition support services and employment training initiatives. Currently, The Vanguard Transition Center (VTC) offers young adults, 18 to 21 years of age, opportunities for college support and other post-secondary training, community-based vocational training and career education. Additionally, the Vanguard School’s Work Orientation and Readiness Center (WORC) program allow students of all ages to receive pre-vocational training focusing on the instruction and practice of skills critical for workforce success. Finally, VFES is entering the third summer of the Vocational Immersion Program. This program provides participants with a four-week intensive
pre-employment transition opportunity with a strong focus on work readiness, career exploration, community-based vocational experiences and independent living. Moving into employment services for adults is a natural next step in this continuum of offerings.

For more information on Customized Workforce Solutions for individuals with disabilities or employers in need of qualified help, email