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Vanguard's May Update

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Communication Board

May is National Speech Language Hearing Month. Our wonderful team of speech therapists in the Lower School, along with with a team of Vanguard and VFES staff, developed a communication board that is now located on the Elementary School playground.

The board fosters language and communication skills between students and faculty while students interact during recess. To build the board, therapists collected samples of words used frequently during play (specific nouns, verbs and "feeling" words) to create a template to fit students' needs. They then worked with the Maintenance Department to repurpose materials. Everyone smiled when the first student pointed to a smiley-face symbol on the board and then said out loud, "I am happy!"

SLP staff posing next to communication boardmaintenance department at communication boardcommunication board

Phin’s Pop-up Cafe

Upper School students had the opportunity to experience a pop-up version of Phin’s Café earlier this month.  Students received food and drink vouchers to purchase their favorite snacks and beverages.  In addition to getting tasty treats, students learned how to review the menu, place an order and use their vouchers to “pay” for their items.

Phin’s Café is the first initiative within the Pre-employment Training Center (PETC) program, which allows students to gain work skills through on-campus jobs.  To learn how to support vital programs such as Phin’s Café, please consider donating to VFES’ Program Sustainability Fund.

pop up cafestudent working at pop up shop


Students embraced their inner superheros at Vanguard’s super hero-themed prom on Friday, May 17th. Check out the photos below:


Talent Shows Photos



Upper School


Special Olympics Photos