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January 2024 Development Updates

Eagles Autism Foundation’s Generous Grant:

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Thanks to a generous $25,000 grant from the Eagles Autism Foundation, the Vanguard School was able to purchase a new passenger van for our Community Based Instruction and Community Based Vocational Instruction programs!  Safe, reliable modes of transportation are essential as Vanguard School programs extend beyond the traditional classroom, with 300+ trips logged annually. Since community-based programming is critical for learning how to live as independently as possible, we could not be more grateful to the Eagles Autism Foundation











Basketball Blast Returns This February to the Vanguard School:

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On Friday, February 23, we’re keeping the momentum going during the annual Basketball Blast! Vanguard School Physical Education and Health teachers, Ms. Swinney, Ms. Waite, and Mr. Peel will be helping students practice their basketball skills throughout the day. The big hoop-la? We are raising money for a Lü Interactive Playground. The Lü Interactive is an immersive playground that engages students by gamifying a gym space in a whole new and innovative way. Ms. Wait sums up the importance of Lü best: “Some examples of why this is wonderful for our students is that it promotes physical movement/ well-being, hand-eye coordination, teamwork, spatial awareness for themselves and others around them, tech integration into physical education and so much more!”

Thanks to the support from the 2023 Basketball Blast donors and a $5,000 grant for our longtime partner CCRES, we are about halfway to reaching our fundraising goal of $25,000: help us slam-dunk this goal with an assist by making a donation today!





















If you have any questions about making a gift, other giving opportunities or request more information, please write to