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Summer LIFE- Experience the Magic of Summer

There is something magical about the summer time. Students seek adventure, learn and grow in ways not always possible in the classroom setting. Particularly, summer camp challenges students to push boundaries, step outside their comfort zone and discover a new-found independence.

This holds true for campers of all abilities. For two weeks each August, Summer LIFE, a camp program of Valley Forge Educational Services, hosts campers with high-functioning autism, speech-language disorders, developmental disabilities, learning differences or social-emotional challenges.

Like every summer camp, Summer LIFE is marked by its own traditions and activities. It is a place of encouragement and happy memories. Through structured daily activities, including swimming, hiking, zip lining, kayaking, arts and crafts, sports, games and more, campers learn to grow from the challenges, friendships, homesickness, accomplishments, frustrations and teamwork.

The beauty of Summer LIFE is that each camper is appreciated as an individual. Some campers may need more structure and support than others, but the goal is for each camper to achieve independence and success to the best of their ability. Attentive and accommodating staff modify activities and schedules giving each camper an opportunity to shine.

Summer LIFE campers quickly find comfort in the realization that their peers share similar challenges and triumphs. They embrace their differences, form friendships and do so with pride. Campers and staff celebrate achievements big and small throughout the two-week camp period. From staying away from home for the first time, to trying a new activity, catching their first fish, making a friend or working up the courage to zip line…it’s in those moments that the true magic of summer happens.

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Summer LIFE