Phone: 610-296-6700 ext. 262


Degrees and Certifications:

BA - Criminology MA - Educational Leadership Pa Instructional II - Special Education Pa Supervisory Certification - Special Education

Mr. Dennis Smith


I have been continuously working in Special Education since 2001.  I have been a part of programs at Eckerd Youth Alternatives, The Pathway School, and The Devereux Foundation since 1998.

I started at Vanguard in 2007.  While at Vanguard have been a part of a variety of programs and classes here, including:

     Building & Trades, Landscaping, Culinary Arts, Graphic Design, & SAT Prep classes.

     Between 2011 and Spring of 2015, I was the College Support Cohort Teacher for The VTC, and taught College Prep. Math.

In the spring of 2015 I became an Interim Program Supervisor in the Elementary School. 

In the fall of 2015 I became the full-time Program Supervisor for The Vanguard Middle School.

In the Spring of  2018 I stepped into the role of Vocational Supervisor for The Vanguard School.

Currently, my role is as the Vocational and Transition Program Supervisor within the VTC.


I took a long and winding professional path of self-discovery before I realized that I was meant to be in Special Education. I use many of these experiences to help my students navigate their personal challenges in their transitions through life. I believe we can learn from almost anything, if we only have the right guide along the way.