ESY: Pre-K/K & K/1 Program

  • Ages 4–6

    Our Pre-K/K and K/1 classrooms embrace the concept that each child learns differently. Our comprehensive programs recognize each child’s abilities while supporting his or her academic and therapeutic needs. The programs are aligned with Pennsylvania Core Standards. Staff employ a strengths-based approach, recognizing and teaching to the specific abilities and needs of each child.

    The ESY Pre-K/K and K/1 Program...

    • Focuses on developing the core areas of literacy and numeracy
    • Supports academic readiness, socialization with peers, self-care and communication goals
    • Taught by certified special education teachers with collaboration from a team of licensed speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists
    • Designed for students with a Pennsylvania Department of Special Education exceptionality of developmental disability, autism, intellectual disability, speech-language disorder, emotional disturbance and/or other health impairment (OHI).


Program Highlights

    • Project-Based Learning
    • Group Speech and Occupational Therapies
    • Self-Regulation and Executive Function
    • Social-Interaction Skill Building
    • Math and Reading
    • Music and Movement
    • Family-Centered Model

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